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Bill Emeny
Owns: SAJJNADW3DB163823  

Updated January 9th, 2011. Not legal proof of ownership.

Owns: SAJJNACW3CC128291  

For 18 years I have been trying to produce the difinative list of all Cabriolet's Built.
To date I have found all but 35 of the 5,014'
Perhaps with the help of this site I may find them all I need is the last 6 digits of the Vin.

Updated September 18th, 2008. Not legal proof of ownership.

Bruce Pearson
Owns: SAJNN2747SC198039  

Updated December 2nd, 2012. Not legal proof of ownership.

Bruce Urquhart
Owns: UJ2W55169BW  

First car was a 1965 MGB, always wanted an XKE, decided to buy what I could afford. The XJS has a Conversion Components Bell housing and Toyota W58 5 speed gearbox behind the original V-12. Fortunately I have a garage to store my hobby and projects in. Other projects, a Miata based Locost 7, other cars include an 85 Porsche 944, and a 2009 Mini Cooper.

Updated September 11th, 2013. Not legal proof of ownership.

Bryan Thomas
Owns: SAJJNACC7CC130924  

i am interested in all classic cars in piticular the model that i own my car is a concours 1986 3.6 xj-sc that i have owned for the last 14 years and as won its last 9 major shows both north &south i am at present helping my freind and fellow club member John Bleasdale to find out how many cars have survived over the years Bleasie as he is known has always advised me

Updated October 22nd, 2008. Not legal proof of ownership.